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Campaign: Game Play - Ms. Chantelle
Client: Cyber Acoustics
Art Direction: Sienna Creative
Photography and Post Production: Timothy J Park
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what to expect

At Sienna Creative Works, before we do anything, we believe in taking a high level strategic view of your company identity, including conducting surveys with upper management, focus groups with your clients, and studying your competition. We consider it a forest-for-the-trees look at your current beliefs, market approach, and industry stance. Why is this important? Two reasons:


One)   By thoroughly understanding your vision, your corporate culture, and your existing forms and channels of communication, we can set clear goals for our work. We can make sure that what we produce succinctly fits and aligns with your current corporate beliefs and initiatives. We're also more effective at discovering lasting opportunities to strengthen and leverage your customer equity, while maximizing your marketing dollars.


Two)   It's not uncommon to discover an aging series of communication band-aids, including conflicting uses of the company's logos, etc. Since we're very passionate about our client's brands, we'll point out how key deficiencies might be affecting your company's image, customer experiences, and may even be helping your competitors. Taking this global approach allows us to resolve past communication conflicts while articulating and amplifying future direction.


Our desire is to showcase how your firm is the smart choice, to create a compelling, emotionally connecting message, to turn your competitors green with envy, and above all — to communicate efficiently and effectively.


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Ten things you can expect from Sienna Creative Works


  1. Frequent and transparent communication
  2. A positive, "can do" attitude
  3. Confidential respect for your company information — to facilitate a full and free exchange of ideas
  4. A goal-oriented approach to manage development deadlines
  5. The latest in marketing trends and demographics to precisely target your audience
  6. Strategic design and documented processes
  7. Industry-standard and proven methodologies to get your job done reliably (no proprietary unserviceable programs)
  8. Regular and accurate accountability of our time and effort working on your project
  9. Success based on our mutually set benchmarks
  10. Delivery of a product and service that exceeds your expectations