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Title: Preserved Decay
Corporate self promotion
Photography: Sienna Creative

what's at stake

Your company reputation, the very viability of your future.


To fully understand your company's reputation is to also understand that you can't build your reputation — you can only earn it and influence it. And that takes time. Your reputation (your company's image) is created from the very real perceptions of those that hear about, see, or meet with you. Each element of media, from business card to hand shake to conversation, affects these views. Even the lack of contact or communication becomes a brand experience.


Are you aware of every "touch-point" that a person may encounter with your firm? What are their reactions at these intersections?


The point is, you can choose to ignore these consumer experiences, or you can seek out these points of interaction, and actively manage and guide them. It's likely your competitors are already defining it for you.


"If intention facilitates perception, then how will you be perceived?"
Sienna Creative Works


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"Your brand, as perceived by the only legitimate judges

— your customers —

is the sum of all their interactions with your company. Every place a customer can interact with your company is a touch-point, and that touch-point affects how you are perceived."


Guy Smith

Silicon Strategies Marketing

September 28, 2004