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web.microsoft RMS POS e-commerce

  • Chocolate Heaven
    Synchronizes with MS RMS POS
    Chocolate of the Month Club
    Full commerce campaign support

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    Design and build
    Cold Fusion using Fusebox
    Cross data management & CMS: Hybrid system

  • Northwest Computer Accessories
    Direct interface with MS RMS POS
    What others are buying suggestions
    Robust commerce features

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    Design and build
    Cold Fusion using Fusebox
    XHTML, CSS, XML, Flash
    Live data management & CMS: Hybrid system

  • PDX Gear
    High fashion Oakley active wear
    Synchronizes with MS RMS POS
    Related item configuration
    Inventory assistant

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    Design, build and photography
    Cold Fusion using Fusebox
    XHTML, CSS, interactive Flash
    Cross data management & CMS: Hybrid system

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"Reverse engineered to directly integrate with Microsoft's RMS POS."


Back in 1998 we began creating online web commerce solutions little did we know how deep we'd get into e-commerce technology. It began in 2001 when we had the opportunity to create a solution for a Point-Of-Sale (POS) program called "Quicksell." We didn't know it at the time but they were being acquired by Microsoft. No wonder they didn't return our phone calls to collaborate (they were too busy). So we saw it as a challenge to reverse engineer the integrated solution we needed on our own. Eight years later our clients are still happily running their online businesses with us.


Today Microsoft calls their POS software "Retail Management System," RMS for short. We now provide options that can directly integrate into RMS for live transaction updates, or for interval based batch synchronization. Interval synchronization maybe set to any time delay desired. As web inventory is sold, the store inventory is updated, and vice versa. Online tools assist in inventory alerts and will pull product (or mark as out-of-stock) if minimum inventory thresholds are crossed.


We've built in related items matrices to allow our clients to push suggested items, as well as automated customer-driven related purchases - all in order to maximize add-on sales.


We provide a intuitive multiple product-to-menu assignment matrix to allow you to place key products throughout the site for quick and easy finds by your audience


We've created product of the month clubs where you can bundle products and then email customized newsletters and promotions to a select groups in your customer lists


Of course the ubiquitous online newsletters built from templates we've created to make it even easier for your staff to create, including promotion codes and discounts that can be redeemed through the system upon check out.


And the list goes on. Needless to say, it's all here.


To learn more how we can create integrated POS-to-Online selling solutions for you, please give us a call.



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