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Campaign: Game Play - Thor
Client: Cyber Acoustics
Art Direction: Sienna Creative
Photography and Post Production: Timothy J Park
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web.design layout and user interface

    • Optimizing screen layouts for different monitor forms



"... design with simplification, speed, and respect in mind."


Some 15 years after the Internet really took flight, and yet fleeting to this day are sites built on strong User Interface (UI) design. What is good design? What makes a great user interface experience?


It's paramount to first know the objective of the web site. Is it a sales and commerce site, informational in nature, social networking, a resource tool, or something else? Do you want them to see just enough to pick up the phone and call, or will you be educating them online. Do you want them to buy one item and check-out, or load up first?


Once your site objectives are established, you can begin to lay down the functional requirements, and then the site navigation objectives. Finally, the user interface is built on this understanding. This becomes the framework for the graphics and content design to be built on.


Good UI means understanding how people work, how they rest, how they process information. It means understanding what they know, what they don't know, what they expect, and what they don't expect from your site. You must understand how they move through a page, how to present key messages, and how to give them subtle moments to digest key thoughts. Ultimately, you must define what will be your first impressions on any given page, what will be the one take-away, and what will be the last impression you will leave them with.



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"The average UI design has some 40 flaws. Correcting the easiest 20 of these yields an average improvement in usability of 50%. The big win, however, occurs when usability is factored in from the beginning. This can yield efficiency improvements of over 700%."


Thomas K. Landauer

The trouble with computers: Usefulness, usability, and productivity



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