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mioVOX™ CMS by Sienna Creative Works
Corporate self promotion
Design and development: Sienna Creative
All elements Computer Generated (CGI)

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  • mioVOX™
    Sienna Creative Works Proven CMS
    Flexible, scalable, infinitely customizable
    Built with staff maintenance in mind

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    Design and build
    Cold Fusion using Fusebox
    Data management & CMS: mioVOX™



"... defining 'ease of use'."


mioVOX (a product of Sienna Creative Works) has been serving multiple e-commerce clients (concurrently) with websites running across the globe,in five languages, with peak commerce exceeding 1 million visitors per month, four years running.


Perhaps the best affirmation is that we have clients with staffs of five or more (some part-time, some full-time) managing their website simultaneously, with little trouble or confusion in utilizing all the fatures of mioVOX.


To learn how we can simplify your website management with mioVOX, give Sienna Creative a call or email today »



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"Content management is arguably the most important part of an organization's online presence."


Colin Clark


October 1, 2008

development expertise