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web.architecture and database design

    • Designing the site logic and flow via Adalon "Wire Frames"



"... designing to get it right the first time."


Today's websites have long since moved past the simple Microsoft Front-Page secretarial development approach. Today's sites must have engaging interactivity, content sensitivity to specific viewing audiences, fresh content changing at least with the seasons (if not daily), provide back-end content automated solutions, not to mention be able to handle online commerce transactions — and above all be the epitome of management simplicity.


You can't get there without intelligent design. Scalable sites that can grow with you and have ready or anticipate your next need from the web, start with intelligent architecture. Architecture means anticipating multiple site flow possibilities, preventing errors, and endless "what-if" scenarios for consumer needs. Good architecture includes ways to schedule your work and events for your site to allow you to go on vacation — and let your site take care of itself while you're away.


It also means building database structures to handle your changing data needs without having to "patch" and "band-aid" previous efforts. It means building relational logic that allows you to scale infinitely as your company grows.


It is all about long-term ROI. A dollar spent upfront, saves hundreds later to correct, and keeps delivering to your needs well into the future.




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"... the cost-benefit ratio for usability is $1:$10-$100. Once a system is in development, correcting a problem costs 10 times as much as fixing the same problem in design. If the system has been released, it costs 100 times as much relative to fixing in design."


Thomas Gilb

Principals of Software Engineering Management


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