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Campaign: Game Play - Charlie
Client: Cyber Acoustics
Art Direction: Sienna Creative
Photography and Post Production: Timothy J Park
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imagery.post production

Equally important to capturing great photography, "out of the can", it's even more important to be able to apply the image in forms and formats that tailor it specifically for the media at hand. Often this means being able to remove elements from the original image, perfecting the complexion of a model, or even adding in elements to make the image visually on point with the message. Most importantly, post production is all about removing the distractions of an image so that your simple message comes through perfectly clear.




Maybe it's photography that feels like a snapshot, or maybe it's the color inconsistency from one image to the next. Does your imagery feel like it's on a level at least even with your competitors? Could it be even better? Are you playing hardball with the media mainstream? Wish you could be?



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"The idea of equivalence is an equation that is all at once. It takes in the entire mind. Everything works for a moment. The blessing of the photographic image is the precision involved. There is no chance, except the chance that there is an intelligent being who will press the shutter at the moment of the equation. Then the image stays as a cogent emblem of eternity."


Walter Chappell

Aperture 95

photographic services