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Screening a shoot in 'Bridge'™
Client: Cyber Acoustics
Design: Sienna Creative
Photography: Timothy J Park
Background is artificially generated (CGI)

imagery.art direction

Providing corporate image guidance based on global design intent and full awareness of client needs, Sienna Creative delivers powerful results. It's about having the visual dream, while understanding what is photographically possible. To be able to visualize what is artistically needed, while working technically in the photo-shoot, to articulate an emotional visual story for our clients.


We provide for our clients, the high level vision for the end goal objectives. Creating story boards where needed. Plan and work in advance, and during the shoot, with your photographers, or ours. Acquire modeling talent, hair and make-up, as well as scouting shooting locations. During the shoot, we are driving and managing the entire show, so that everyone understands the desired look and feel of each shot as well as the shoot in whole. We are directing the hair and make-up stylists, working on wardrobe for each model, and then photographic styling objectives for each shot with the photographer. We work with the photographers on set up, lighting, and other technical camera/lens aspects to capture the perfect exposure and composition in each shot. And of course nothing works without good catering on hand — we got that too!


Rest easy as we take the lead and deliver on a complete, globally encompassing, high-impact photo-shoot. We have the vision, the dream, and know what it takes to set it all up, from start to finish, to accomplish your perfect, emotive, visual message.




Are your images shot with forethought in mind? Are their shots for extreme panoramic views, to fit the spaces of website headers? Do you have shots for vertically oriented print media? More importantly, does your corporate imagery capture the right lifestyle that is cohesive to your brand identity? More than just everyday imagery, is it truly "knocked out of the park" - visually historic?



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"Anybody who says that photography is 95 percent feeling and five percent technique is a coward."


Dean Collins

Photographic Magazine/December 1981

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