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Campaign: Game Play - Ms. Chantelle
Client: Cyber Acoustics
Art Direction: Sienna Creative
Photography and Post Production: Timothy J Park
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"Nothing creates more immediate impact and credibility than stunning photography."

I've always said that no matter how great a website we design, or how much graphic design goes into a print project, great images will make or break the outcome. That — "Great images makes us all look good." Intentional photography imparts powerful emotions and conveys the subtleties of message that a thousand words can never do.

We believe six elements come into play to make a high impact photograph: 1) Great lighting to maximize depth, tone, texture and form, 2) thoughtful composition to keep the subject as simple as possible to convey the story quickly, 3) no distracting spots, lines or intersections with subject and background, 4) maximum clarity and detail when and where it's needed, 5) tight cropping to focus all attention on the subject to really drive home the desired emotion, and 6) consistent capture of the preceding five to carry a polished theme to the end. Of course there is no substitute for great artistry, that even this doesn't give credence to the master behind the lens — that's our secret sauce!

At Sienna Creative, we have a team of some of the best talent in the country, for any need. We shoot with some of the best equipment yielding quality and resolution other professionals drool over, just to give you that image that immediately stands apart.


If you're not utilizing photography fully in your current company collateral, how much more impactful could it be? If you are, are the images dated? Are they simple in form, consistent in lighting, and do they professionally represent your firm? Great photography can quickly set you above your competition and deliver an emotionally charged, memorable message to your target audience. Can you see the difference?



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"We must remember that a photograph can hold just as much as we put into it, and no one has ever approached the full possibilities of the medium."


Ansel Adams

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