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Campaign: Game Play - Ms. Chantelle
Client: Cyber Acoustics
Art Direction: Sienna Creative
Photography and Post Production: Timothy J Park
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At Sienna Creative, we believe we must first get to know our clients, understand what makes the company tick, so that we may better grasp how it might be perceived by its' audience and competitors. If we are to make anything impactful and lasting for our clients, it must be "true" to who that company is. Every communication must be consistent and in complete alignment with the company identity for the customer to believe, trust, and attach to its message.


Here's a short list of identity projects we've assisted our clients with:




Can you reflect on your own company and see the personality that is has? How it's unique, and how it's the same (as your competitors)? Of course the identity of your firm is really the collective actions (or inactions) of the people that work there. How systematic it is, how personable it is, how responsive it is — evoking the very spirit of your firm.


It starts at the top, with he Owner or CEO influencing the employees, setting the company tone, and creating its passion and drive. All of this is in turn is perceived (realized) by your customers — whether you're doing anything about it or not. That's the question, and hence our company USP; "if intention facilitates perception, how then will you be perceived?"


What ever we do in crafting your company identity, must ultimately be true to your foundation — who your firm is.


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"What makes you — you?"


What is identity?

It's who you are, more specifically, who your company — is. The personality of your firm. The traits that make your company unique (and the same) as every other competitor out there. Hint, it's the unique traits your firm possesses that are the memorable ones. Not to be confused by company "brand", identity is the essence, the actions, the history that make a company who it is.

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