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Client: PH Tech
Work rendered:
· Corporate Management Interviews
· Competitive Industry Analysis
· Identity study and strategy formulation
· Brand strategy overhaul
· Position statement creation
· USP and Tagline creation
· Key content and core messages
· Logo refresh
· Website and CMS development
· New business card and stationery design
· All promotional print collateral
· Tradeshow graphics
· Company golf tournament brochure
  for American Cancer Society

caseStudy.identity: PH Tech

PH Tech was an already well established firm when we met with them. We were asked to submit a bid to compete for their identity and brand "refresh." We thought those submitting proposals already were worthy enough, but with there continued encouragement, we submitted, and subsequently won the privilege to call them partner.


Project initiatives:

Industry research • Leadership interviews • identity analysis and strategy • brand strategy • Position, USP, and taglines • core messages • logo and graphic element design • print collateral • Website and CMS development • tradeshow graphics


The problem that PH Tech had was that they had two separately running divisions that were so similarly branded, yet the off-shoot didn't get the love of the parent identity. In essence this created confusion not only for their clients and market, but internally as well. It was our suggestion that PH Tech integrate the two divisions and drop the efforts to brand-support the unloved identity. This allowed them to unify the services internally, hone the message and unique selling proposition all at once. Not to mention clarifying who and what they do for their industry and clients.


With a project of this scope, we like to first get to know our client — really get to know our client. We need to understand their business as if we are about to become a salesperson on their staff (because aren't we really?). We interviewed the owners and directors individually, asking thought provoking questions, to not only understand their business from their perspective, but also to better understand the personalities of each. This helps us thoroughly identify who they are, and what unique characteristics they possess.


What we did was to first take an already great logo designed by Opus Creative, and dial it in even tighter. Further, we went right to work


The result...



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Who is PH Tech?

One of Oregon's largest healthcare billing and services firm. Voted as one of the top 100 firms to work for (Portland Business Journal) — four years running. They have over 80 employees and some of Oregon's largest clients, both in the public and private sectors. What sets PH Tech apart from its competition is that they have a top rate internal software development team. This allows them to provide first response, proactive solutions their clients, rather than waiting for off-the-shelf solutions to be developed. This is a company that has a compelling story to tell.


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