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Title: If intention facilitates perception...
SCW — Universal Selling Proposition (USP)
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"Brand is not identity."


If we know who you are by your personality, your actions, and your history, then by branding we can identify you. Branding is to "mark," label, or package that experience for others to quickly see, understand and remember.


A successful brand delivers five things; 1) it's easy to identify, consistent and is memorable, 2) it evokes a positive expectation, connecting emotionally, 3) it positions your firm as the best answer and first choice for their need, 4) it compels your desired audience into action, to move from current point A to desired point B, and 5) sets up the customer's experience to be equal or greater than their expectations. When all of these are in place, you have a powerful and self-sustaining brand image.


Some of our clients have included; Cyber Acoustics, PH Tech, Big Sky Landscaping, Apex Construction, Harnish Properties, and Cedar Mill Bible Church.




Does your company have a "theme" (brand message) — one that is consistent? Is your message "on target" and using the appropriate forms of media for your key audience? Is it touching their hot points, in a language and form that specifically resonates with them?



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"Great brands...

  1. are memorable
  2. evoke a positive expectation
  3. position as first choice
  4. compel to action
  5. setup experience to be equal to or greater-than the expectation"


Greg Sande

Sienna Creative Works

December 2008

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