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identity.taglines and USPs

At Sienna Creative we believe there's a difference between a "tagline" and a "USP" (Universal Selling Proposition). A tagline is the one clear and concise short phrase that says what you do, or what to expect (from your firm, your product, or service). However, a USP is a more ethereal - inspiring phrase that is truly unique. USPs tend to be more vague in their relation to the company, but because they are extremely unique and compelling, they quickly become pure brand equity for a firm. A company can and often should use both (seldom together), but each in proper context and media channel to leverage the company identity.


Examples of taglines: BMW, "The ultimate driving machine"; Ford, "Quality is job one"; Raid, "Kills bugs dead"


Examples of USPs: Nike, "Just do it"; California Milk Board, "Got Milk?"; American Express, "Don't leave home without it"


Here's a few clients that we've created taglines and USPs for:




Is there an emotional and memorable way in which you can capture the "result" or the experience of your companies product or service? Something that will quickly resonate with your desired audience? It's the emotional, satisfying experience that should be what you capture - in as few words as possible to make it memorable.



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"The point to remember about selling things is that, as well as creating atmosphere and excitement around your products, you've got to know what you're selling."


Stuart Wilde

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