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A well-crafted positioning statement is one of the core elements in creating a strong company identity. A well targeted position statement clearly identifies the company's brand position within its market. It lays stake to what is uniquely found only in that company — sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly, but always clearly demarking its higher ground turf against its competitors.


It is the one powerful and unifying message that communicates concisely the identity of your firm, your brand, so that everyone has a common understanding and utilize a consistent language in describing your product or service, building strong brand equity.


Here's a list of clients that we've crafted result-oriented brand position statements for:




Can you clearly articulate in one paragraph (or less) what your company position statement is. Is it something that everyone in the firm knows? Is it the basis upon which all marketing communication is grounded on? Can you hear its subtle theme repeated in the describing words of your product or service from your core audiences?



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"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing."


John D. Rockefeller

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How a position statement is the cornerstone of company's marketing communication