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Taking time up front to strategically craft the core messages to further "flesh-out" your company position, will become the building blocks for all other media development for your firm. It's paramount to get these right - before any media campaign begins. Developing these pieces in true congruence to your corporate position statement provides a long term brand building set of marketing "Legos®".


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Do you have a set of core messages for your different products and services that are ready to "plug-n-play" into any media need for your firm? Where if nothing else these components can be easily adapted for any new marketing effort - saving valuable time and energy from rewriting or creating from scratch? Are you marketing themes consistent from one communication to the next - built on common elements of your identity?



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"Fonts are a very important emotive element of your corporate identity as they express the personality and attitude of your business. Fonts create the ‘voice’ for your written communications."


Harnish Chadwick

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