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"Some of the most powerful logos are nothing more than 'wordmarks' (aka logotype)."


Take IBM, Intel, Toys-R-Us, Ford, GE, or most notably Coca-Cola. Really logos that are nothing more than a stylized versions of their own company name (or acronym). Contrast that the utter simplicity of the logo symbols used for Nike, Apple, BMW, or the Olympics.


The reality is that all of these are really quite memorable for three reasons; simplicity, exposure, and longevity. How long have these companies been around, how simple are their logo designs, and how often have you been exposed to their messages? The answers are, forever, ultra simple, and I'm brain-washed (respectively).


What does this mean for you and your company? If you have a succinctly simple, and memorable, message conveyed in your logo design (one that enhances your company identity), then combined with time and heaps of exposure — eventually you will create an indelible logo-to-brand association — in the minds of those who are interested in what you do. Ultimately everything rides on impact and time.


Your logo must be what we call "iconic." That is to say, it must be ultra simple in shape, form, (type if applicable), and evoke a correlating idea to what the company stands for. It must be able, as a graphic element, be able to have meaning when standing on its own. Overall it must be instantly memorable. Only then, over time and with exposure, will your logo become something of true "equity."


Some of our logo clients have included; Apex Construction, Aspenridge Accessories, Cedar Mill Bible Church, iRhythms, Harnish Properties, Neutral Grounds.




What does your company logo represent to people who have never met your firm before? Is it simple? Will they remember it? For those who do business with you on a regular basis, does your logo have any lasting impression?


Are you using your logo consistently — to reinforce your company identity? Are you utilizing it as background element for letterhead, stationery, proposals, and on your products/services themselves?



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"Great logos are 'iconic'. Iconic logos...

  1. are ultra simple in form
  2. instantly memorable
  3. augment the company identity
  4. can stand alone as it's own graphic element


Greg Sande

Sienna Creative Works

May 2008

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