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Client: Nunzia Design
Art direction: Sienna Creative
Product Photography: Timothy J Park
Post Production: Sienna Creative
Special Licensing: iStockPhoto
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identity.focus groups and surveys

From post transaction (exit) surveys, to intimately targeted focus group studies, to larger scale surveys, getting the right information means producing the right results — the first time.


Here's a list of clients that we've provided focus groups studies and survey research for:




Is research really that important? We would ask, "How competitive is your industry?" More importantly, what are the physical costs and the public perception costs for second guessing and using trial and error with your communication efforts?


We've had clients who've invested multiple times over in product/service advertising along with promotional collateral development, trying to find the right mix that produces better results. Meanwhile, their primary audience received conflicting messages, their competitors capitalized on every move, and together we still weren't sure if we were fully on target when it's all over.


Experience tell us that spending time up front with quality studies saves valuable time and resources down the line. More importantly, it gives you solid (direct customer feedback) for which you can base concrete answers from. It's also a great tool to remind everyone in the company who your customer is, what they think, and what they prefer.



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